Photos by Akos Major.

My name is Vera, an energetic, curious, creative, UX designer and researcher.

I strongly believe that users are the biggest drives of design innovation. I am a sensitive and empathic listener in both research and teamwork. When researching users, I dive into discovering the user’s drivers and emotions to boil down a complex problem into a workable design brief.

During the design process, I enjoy building and iterating prototypes to verify the design with actual users and to keep developing the product or service.

In a team, my presence brings an energetic vibe and a place to be honest. I speak my mind and I invite others to do the same. During the process I always try to think a step ahead of the game, so that the results of today are helpful for tomorrow.

Interested in hearing more about my passion for users and design? I am always in for coffee!


Vera Konietschke

+31 625024318